Bahria Golf City Karachi – Investment Potential and Latest Development Status

Bahria Golf City Karachi is one of the special projects in this mega-community for offering plots facing golf course and lake. Launched some three years ago, this Phase 2 of Bahria Town Karachi is set to feature 36-hole PGA Standard Night Lit Golf Course which is in a development phase. 250 sq. yards, 500 sq. yards and 1000 sq. yards plots of Bahria Golf City are considered the premium ones in Bahria Town Karachi. The recent developments are indicating that it will be fully viable for living sooner bringing all plots on the ground.

Road Development and Golf Course Development

Bahria Town Karachi is wholeheartedly focusing to develop this project as soon as possible. According to the latest update from this area, the road development has been completed almost. At some places, ground leveling has also been done. The majestic aerial view of the night lit golf shows what that it would be truly a wonderful destination for golfers and residents nearby.

Bahria Town School & College Middle Campus Development

There is no concept of survival of a developed community without educational facilities. For all those who are going to live in this area, Bahria Town School and College are soon going to open a Middle Campus in Bahria Golf City. This campus is expected to be functional soon as infrastructural development has been completed. Further details will be shared when official opening of this campus will be announced.

Bahria Golf City Karachi – Mosque Development

There is a mosque underdevelopment in Bahria Golf City and completing development stages rapidly. The grey structure of this masjid is completed while interior and exterior finishing are in process.

Bahria Golf City worth Investing & Living

Each category of Bahria Sports City plots is worth investing for living or to get a return on investment. Bahria Golf City is a dream place to live in and will feature a spectacular lifestyle. Currently, the last four installments are left to be paid and once this project completes its payment plan, it will be hardly available at reasonable prices. The exclusivity of living among golf course greens and lake will make it truly special for all buyers.

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