Deadline to getting Possession of Bahria Homes, Iqbal Villas & Quaid Villas

Bahria Town Karachi is a wonderful living place featuring modern lifestyle for its residents. The development of a number of its subprojects is near completion and residents are enjoying the luxuries of life here. It has become possible only because Bahria Town management has kept its tradition of delivering keys earlier than expected. Possession of Bahria Sports City Villas can be quoted as an example here. Bahria Town Karachi had announced possession for newly developed Bahria Homes, Iqbal Villas and Quaid Villas earlier. Now a deadline has been fixed to get possession, otherwise, it will be allotted to someone else. The letter has explained detailed terms and conditions regarding possession and maintenance charges.

Deadline to getting Possession of Bahria Homes, Iqbal Villas & Quaid Villas

Through this letter, Bahria Karachi has directed owners of Bahria Homes, Iqbal Villas, and Quaid Villas to get possession of their mentioned property by 30th April, 2018. In case if someone doesn’t get possession of his/her Bahria Homes/Iqbal Villas/Quaid Villas, it will be allotted to an eligible buyer who will be willing to get possession on time. The possession was announced a few months ago but still a number of customers have not contacted Bahria Town Karachi.

Maintenance Charges are Payable

The maintenance charges of Bahria Homes/Iqbal Villas/Quaid Villas are applicable since February 2018. These charges are payable at the time of possession otherwise possession letter won’t be issued in his/her name.

Iqbal/Quaid Villas & Bahria Homes – Ideal for Living

In constructed, ready-to-live properties, Iqbal Villas and Quaid Villas are one of the most suitable options. Located in Precinct 2, almost every facility of life has been provided here by Bahria Town Karachi. Hundreds of families are enjoying their lives in Iqbal and Quaid Villas which have maximum inhabitation in Bahria Town Karachi. On the parallel basis, Bahria Homes of 125 sq yards and 200 sq yards in Precinct 10 are an ideal for customized luxury living.

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